Why I’m Here

I began this blog as a way back to myself and back to living.  After suffering through the loss of our 2 month old son, I was lost…and still am in certain ways.  It was difficult remembering what it meant to live and in the earliest of days after Wyatt’s death, I found myself holding my breathe as if I’d forgotten how to breathe.

Writing has always been my personal hobby and now it serves a greater purpose.  My Story Is Not Over is the platform where I can connect to my son.  This is also where I can reach out to other mommies and daddies who are enduring the terrible tragedy of losing one or more children. Whether it be during pregnancy, early infancy or later in childhood, the pain we feel is unlike anything else ever experienced.  I know this personally.

I want a place to comfort and guide mourners like me.  I don’t know what credibility I have other than my own deep sorrow and my own desire to work my way through this.  I can only speak for myself, write about myself, and my guess is that there are others out there who can identify with what is happening in my mind and heart.

Through routines that support mind, body and spirit I know healing can happen.  The real and authentic relationships we have and the daily effort of feeling our feelings can and will move us through this grieving process.  My prayer is that ultimately I can help someone else with their own grief.  My prayer is that together, we can move forward with our angels.


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